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We do not know about your family except good all of

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Unformatted text preview: knowledge. When she went back to the camel and decided to enter the howdaj, she felt her neck but did not find the necklace, and the people were about to head out. She quickly went back to the place where she had relieved herself and began to look for her necklace, and got delayed. The people came and carried her howdaj thinking that she was in it, and placed it on the camel.They then took the camel by the head and went off, as did the army. As for `A'ishah, after a long, tiring search she eventually found the necklace and came back to the place where the army had stopped. `A'ishah said, "I came back to the place to find no one to call or to respond.The people had left. I then stayed where I was and thought that perhaps the people would miss me and come back to collect me. I then wrapped myself with my Jilbab. As I was sitting, I was overcome by sleep, thus I slept. By Allah, I was lying down when Safwan bin al-Mu'attal passed by me. He was also left behind due to some of his needs, and so he did not spend the night with the people. He noticed a human form, thus he came over to me and recognised me upon seeing me. He had seen me before the Hijaab was ordained for us. When he saw me he said, `To Allah we belong and to Him we return! The wife of the Messenger of Allah may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him!' I woke up by hearing the words he uttered upon recognising me, so I covered my face with my Jilbab. By Allah, he did not speak 227 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 a word to me. I did not hear from him anything except those words he spoke at first. He came and his camel knelt down, trod upon its forelegs and I mounted it. He took the camel by its head and headed off to catch up with the people. By Allah, we did not reach the people, nor did they discover that I was missing, until we reached the morning and we found them resting. Whilst they were at it, they saw a man, leading me on a camel. Thereupon, the slanderous people said what they said. The entire arm...
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