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We likewise remember the sad memories from our

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Unformatted text preview: The Prophet said, "This is very good of you. Go and give charity on his behalf, and look after your cousin." (Ahmad and Abu Dawud, Sahih) Glory be to Allah who granted the Prophet the quality of gentleness and leniency, even when dealing with personal problems! I myself have exercised gentleness and emotional skills with my daughter and wife, and prior to that with my mother and sister, and I have found it to be very effective indeed. No man honours a woman except an honourable one, and no one demeans a woman except a mean person. A point to note... A woman can be patient with her husband's poverty, unattractiveness and busy schedule, but she cannot be patient with his rude behaviour. 60 (11) With children... How many incidents that occurred in our childhood days do we still remember up until today, be they happy or sad memories? Think about your childhood and no doubt you will remember the day you received a certificate of achievement at school, or when someone praised you in a public gathering, and so on. These are the sort of incidents that become imprinted in your memory such that you can never forget. We likewise remember the sad memories from our childhood, such as a teacher chastising us, or a fight with a classmate, or being humiliated by a family member. How often does the good treatment of children not only affect them but also their parents and families, and it earns their love and respect? It is often the case that primary school teachers are contacted by their pupils' parents who thank them and express their love and respect merely for the fact that they love and respect their children. They may express their gratitude sometimes by words and sometimes as gifts. Therefore, do not belittle smiling at a child, winning his heart and exercising interpersonal skills with him. I once delivered a lecture about the importance of prayer to a group of children in a school. I asked them if anyone knew of a Hadeeth concerning the importance of prayer. One of the 61 With children 11 children responded saying, "The Prophet has said: "...
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