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Unformatted text preview: our appearance, and not for your own sake. You become happy when you notice that they admire your beautiful appearance, or your glamorous clothes.When you decorate your lounge, and put effort into adorning and taking care of it, you do it mostly for others' sight and not your own. This is evident by the fact that you look after your lounge more than your own room, or your children's room. When you call your friends to dinner, don't you see that your wife, and perhaps, even you, make sure that the food is well arranged and is more varied than usual? Undoubtedly, you do! The more important your friends are to you, the greater your concern about the food. How often are we overwhelmed with happiness when someone praises our clothes or the dcor of our house, or the taste of our cooking? The Prophet has said, "Let a man come to the people how he likes the people to come to him," meaning, treat the people how 179 Be observant and complimentary 27 you like to be treated by them. How? If you see that your friend is wearing a beautiful garment, notice it and compliment his taste. Let him hear the resounding words in praise, "Praise be to Allah! How beautiful it is! It is as if today is your wedding day!" Similarly, if someone were to visit you one day and you smell nice perfume emanating from his clothes, you should praise him and indulge him, for he did not apply the perfume except for you. He would definitely appreciate your oft repeated encouraging phrases, praising him such as, "What a beautiful fragrance! You have excellent taste!" If a person calls you over for dinner, praise his food, for you know that his mother, wife, or sister stood for hours in the kitchen just for you, or for the guests in general, and you happen to be one of them. Or at least, he may have made an effort to bring the food from a restaurant and confectioners. So let him hear the words that would make him realise that you appreciate his efforts, and that his labours did not go in vain. If you were to enter the house of one of your friends and you were to see nice furni...
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