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What is amazing is that if you were to see the man

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Unformatted text preview: . The painter begins to shout at you, insultingly and angrily. How would you deal with such a scenario? Often we deal with such situations in ways that do not help solve the problem. We would become enraged and insult the painter saying, "Why didn't you make the sign clear?" To which he would reply to you with more anger. As a result, you may get more covered in dust than paint! 318 Self torture 45 Take it easy! Do you realise that by behaving in this manner you are only punishing yourself? You can say the same if you dress up to deliver a sermon somewhere, and a car passes by as you are coming out of the house, driving over a puddle and thereby splashing water all over your clothes. Would you punish yourself by shouting and yelling at the car and the passengers, when the car has already gone? Similarly, there is no need to always remember the pains we have had in our lives. Muhammad suffered many painful moments in his life. He once sat with his beloved wife, `A'ishah may Allah be pleased with her silently. She asked him, "Was there a day in your life more severe than the day of Uhud?" The memories of that battle went through the Prophet's mind. Oh, how cruel that day was! The day when his uncle Hamza was killed, who was the most beloved of all to him; he stood there gazing at his beloved uncle, seeing his body disfigured: his nose and ears sliced off, his stomach gashed and gaping open and his insides gouged out. It was the day when the Prophet's teeth were broken, his face was wounded and his blood spilt. The day of Uhud was the day when his Companions were killed in front of him; the day he returned to Madinah without seventy of his Companions, only to see the widowed women and orphaned children hunting for their loved ones and their fathers! That day truly was very cruel. 319 Self torture 45 `A'ishah was waiting for a response. The Prophet said, "What I suffered at the hands of your people was more severe on me. The day of `Aqabah when I offered myself..." and then he related the entire story of seeking...
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