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When abu jahl noticed al abbas he said o abu fadhl

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Unformatted text preview: g. Yes, he was heroic - he was one who would not be agitated by such behaviour, nor would he punish people over brainless actions. He was easygoing and strong enough to maintain his composure. He was always smiling, even in the darkest of moments. He would consider the consequences before performing any action. What would the benefit have been to have shouted at the man and driven him away? Would that have made his neck feel better? Would it have corrected the man's manners? Never! It never would have had the same effect as patience and forbearance. 393 Smile and keep smiling 58 Sometimes we become excited and angry over issues that deserve a different approach. We should treat such issues with gentleness, leniency, and a smiling. We ought to think good of others, quash our fury and, ultimately, earn people's pleasure. The Prophet was certainly correct when he said, "The strong man is not the one who is best at wrestling. Rather, the strong person is the one who controls himself when angry." The noble Prophet would attract people merely by smiling and being cheerful. The Muslims marched out on the expedition of Khaybar, and during the battle, a sack full of fat dropped out of the Jews' fortress. `Abdullah bin Mughaffal collected it, carried it on his back quite happily and made his way to his companions. On his way, the man responsible for collecting and organising the booty met him and started to pull the sack from him, saying, "Give it to me! This is to be distributed amongst the Muslims!" `Abdullah held tight to it and said, "By Allah! I will not give it to you! I got it first!" The man replied, "You will give it to me!" The two of them started pulling on the sack, and while they were doing so, the Messenger of Allah passed by them. When the Prophet saw them as they were pulling the sack, he laughed and said to the man responsible for the booty, "Leave him alone with the sack." Thus, the man left it in `Abdullah's hands. `Abdullah took...
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