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When banu hashim and the muslims had endured months

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Unformatted text preview: ey all fell asleep.The Prophet had done this to divert their attention away from the crisis. He then woke them up and continued on the journey until they entered Madinah. The people dispersed and went to their families. Allah then revealed Surat al-Munafiqoon: "Those are they who say, `spend not on those who are with the Messenger of Allah until they disperse! where as the treasures of the heavens and the earth are only for Allah, but the hypocrites understand not.They say, `if we return to Madinah, the one most honourable will surely expel therefrom the one most mean, whereas the honour is for Allah, and His Messenger and the Muslims, but the hypocrites know not." The Prophet recited the verses, then took the young boy, Zayd bin Arqam by his ears and said, "He is the one who fulfilled 304 The keys to mistakes... 43 his trust to Allah by his ears." The people then began to insult and blame Ibn Salul. At this point, the Prophet turned to `Umar and said, "Do you see, O `Umar? If I were to have killed him on the day you suggested, many would have come to his defence. If today you were to ask me to kill him, I would have killed him." The Prophet then remained silent and didn't say anything further. Sometimes, if a person makes a mistake publicly, then you may need to criticise him for it but in an appropriate manner, even if it be in public. Once the Prophet was sitting with his Companions, whilst the people were enduring famine, lack of rain and drought.There came a Bedouin and said, "`O Messenger of Allah, people are being destroyed, the children are hungry, wealth has perished. So ask Allah to send us rain, for we seek your intercession with Allah, and Allah's intercession with you!" The Prophet's facial expressions changed upon hearing the man say, "We seek Allah's intercession with you!" for intercession and mediation is only sought of someone of a lower status with one of a higher status. Hence, it is not permissible to say, "Allah intercedes on behalf of His...
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