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When i pass by the great on my way back from the

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Unformatted text preview: th them whether we realise it or not. For thirteen years, I have been an Imam at a military college. On my way to the mosque, I pass by a gate that is watched by a guard. When I pass by the guadr, I am always eager to smill at him and signal with my hand by way of giving my salams to him. After the Salah, I get in my car and make my way hom. Usually, whilst I am doing my Salah in the mosque, I recieve a number of next rebages and missed calls, on my cell phone. When I pass by the great on my way back from the salah, I am preoccupied with ??? the message, so I forgot to smile at him. Until, one day I was surprised when he stopped me and said, "Dear Shaykh, are you upset with me?" "Why would I be?" I asked. He said, "When you enter I noticed that you smile and you seem very happy. But when you leave, you neither smile nor seem pleased." The man was very sincere, so he began to swear how much he loved and respected me, and how joyful he was upon seeing me. I apologised to him and explained to him the reason for my behaviour. I then realised that when we get used to such skills, they become part of our nature, and others certainly notice when we 37 Be unique 6 negligently fail to practise them. Enlightenment... Do not earn wealth and lose people, for earning people is a way to earning wealth. 38 (7) Who is the most beloved to you? You will become the most proficient in using the various skills in dealing with others when you treat everyone in such a way that he thinks of himself as the most beloved of all people to yourself. For instance, you should treat your mother so grandly that she begins to think you have never treated anyone in such a fine manner. You can say the same about the way you should deal with your father, your wife, your children, and your colleagues. In fact, you can say the same about someone you meet only once, such as a shopkeeper, or a petrol station attendant. You could get all these people to agree that you are the most beloved of all to...
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