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When al abbas may allah be pleased with him saw this

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Unformatted text preview: disagreement, he decreed that she should go to her maternal aunt, gave her custody to Ja'far and said, "The maternal aunt is closest to the mother." The Prophet then feared that `Ali and Zayd may have ill feelings towards him due to his decree.Thus, he decided to cheer up `Ali and said, "You are from me, and I am from you." He said to Zayd, "You are our brother and confederate." He said to Ja'far, "You resemble my physical appearance and character." Notice how much of an expert the Prophet was in cleansing people's hearts from malice and winning them over. If we were now to return to the story of our friend who said, "I wish you were a girl so that I could marry you!" How could the damage be repaired? There are several doors he can escape via. He can change the topic instantly in order not to give any opportunity to the person to think about what he has said. For instance, he could say, "May Allah give you the maidens of Paradise who are even more beautiful than yourself! Don't forget to say Amen!" He could also throw in a whole new topic, such as asking him about a brother who has just travelled, or his new car, and so on, just so that there is no opportunity left for anyone to feel embarrassed. 552 Patching up 83 Experience... It is not a disgrace for one to err, but it is for one to persist upon the error. 553 (84) Look with both eyes We tend to be experts at noticing other people's faults and commenting on them. But we rarely tend to be experts on noticing the good they have and the right things they do in order to comment positively. Take, for example, a teacher with his students. All teachers tend to criticise the lazy student who does not do his work and is always late to his lessons. However, not many teachers comment positively about the student who is hardworking, punctual, and has good handwriting. We often criticise the faults in our children but praise them little when they do good. This makes us lose many opportunitie...
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