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When he arrived at the scene he noticed that the

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Unformatted text preview: at is amazing is that if you were to see the man receiving condolences, you would think that he was the one giving condolences, and that the one enduring this tragedy was someone else! He would repeatedly say, "To Allah we belong and to Him we return. It belongs to Allah, whatever He takes or gives. Everything has an appointed time with Allah." This is the peak of intelligence, for if he did not behave in this manner, he would have died of grief. I know someone who whenever I see him he is happy. Yet, if you were to consider his situation, you would find that he has a very humble occupation, he lives in very small rented accom327 Do not kill yourself by grief 47 modation, his car is very old and he has many children. Despite this, he is always smiling and loving. He loves his life. That's right! Do not kill yourself with grief and do not complain frequently until people become tired of you, like a person whose son is disabled, so whenever he sees you he keeps you busy with his complaints, "My son is ill... I feel for him... poor son of mine..." You will soon find yourself fed up of him and feel like screaming, "Enough, dear brother! Enough! I get your point!" Or imagine a woman frequently saying to her husband, "Our house is old... the car is about to break down... my clothes are out of fashion..." What is the benefit in complaining? It only increases the suffering. You spend your entire life, O poor man, moaning and grieving You remain with your hands tied, complaining, "Time is against me" If you do not carry the burdens yourself, who will? Enlightenment... Live your life with what you have available, and you will always be happy 328 (48) Be content with what Allah has apportioned for you I once went on a trip to a country to deliver some lectures. The country was well known for having a huge mental hospital, or as the people would refer to it, "the mad people's hospital." I delivered two lectures one morning and there remaine...
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