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When he missed them he would remember to mention them

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Unformatted text preview: an in secondary school. After he completed his secondary education, he asked me to come with him to apply to a university. I rang him one morning and drove to his house to take him with me there. At 181 Be observant and complimentary 27 the time, he had many feelings in his heart since he was moving on to the next stage in his education, and thinking about the college that would accept him as a student. When he entered my car, I smelt his perfume, which I thought was very strong. It seemed as though he had emptied out an entire bottle on himself that day! Frankly, I choked on the scent so I wound down the window to be able to breathe. I then realised that the poor boy had put a lot of effort in adorning himself and applying perfume. So I turned to him smiling and said, "MashaAllah! What an amazing scent! I think that the Head of Department, by merely smelling the sweet scent, would shout at the top of his voice, `You have been accepted!' " You cannot imagine the extent to which happiness engulfed his heart and joy enveloped his face. He turned to me and said with all zeal, "Thank you, dear Abu Abd al-Rahman! Thank you very much! By Allah, this is an expensive perfume. Whenever I apply it, people do not even notice!" He then began to smell his scarf and said, "By Allah, I have excellent taste!" This happened to me more than fifteen years ago. Since that time, Abdul-Majid has graduated from the university and has been employed for years; but this incident has remained in his memory. Sometimes he even fondly jokes of this incident when we meet. Yes! Be complimentary. Controlling people's emotions and acquiring their love is an easy job. However, many times we ignore these basic means through which we can win people over. Do not then be surprised if I say that the man with the best ever character, the Prophet used to employ these tactics, and even 182 Be observant and complimentary 27 better ones! In the early years of Islam, when the Muslims were being persecuted for their religion in Makkah, they subsequently migrated to Madinah, leaving their homes...
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