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When someone converses with another person he should

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Unformatted text preview: had grown up in his house... The Messenger of Allah dispatched a group of his Companions to al-Huraqat, a sub-tribe of Juhaynah. Usamah bin Zayd was one of the warriors. The battle commenced in the morning, 105 Use the right flavour 17 the Muslims became victorious and the enemy fled.A man from amongst the pagans saw that his men were defeated, so he threw his weapons and fled.A man from the Ansar and Usamah began to chase him as he attempted to escape in terror, until he hid behind a tree. Usamah and the Ansari caught up with him and raised their swords to strike him. When he saw the two swords above his head about to come down on him, and realised that death was at his doorstep, he said, "There is no one worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger!" Usamah and the Ansari were puzzled; did he accept Islam sincerely or did he simply say this to save his neck? They were in the middle of a battle and surrounded by bodies, blood and flesh, as the man looked on. They had to make a quick decision, for they could have been struck by an arrow anytime. There was no time to contemplate. While the Ansari withheld, Usamah thought that it was a trick, so he struck him with his sword and killed him. They returned to Madinah victorious. Usamah stood in front of the Prophet and told him the entire story, including what happened to the man they killed. The story was that of Muslim victory, and the Prophet was rejoicing, that is, until Usamah said, "Then I killed him..." Suddenly, the Prophet's complexion changed and he said, "He said: La ilaha illallah and you killed him?!" Usamah said, "He did not say it intentionally! He only said it out of the fear of our weapons!" But the Prophet repeated his question, "Did he say, `There is no god worthy of worship but Allah,' and then you killed him? Did you split open his heart to know for certain that he had only 106 Use the right flavour 17 said it out of fear of your weapons?'' The Prophet fixed his eyes on Usamah...
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