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When the prophet had finished talking it was obvious

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Unformatted text preview: nip you, for it is a serpent! How many victims of their tongues rest in their graves, Whom even the bravest of men would dread to meet! How many women have been divorced by their husbands merely due to the tongue! A man falls into an argument with his wife, and she begins to repeatedly challenge him, "Divorce me! I challenge you to divorce me! Divorce me if you are a man!" He would order her to be silent, and perhaps shout at and scold her. When things get out of hand, he destroys his own household by eventually telling her that she is indeed divorced. For this reason, the Prophet advised that when a person gets angry, he should observe silence, because he otherwise 497 Control your tongue 77 would not be able to control his tongue. Some time ago, I intervened in a dispute between two families. The story was that an intelligent old man, who I think was beyond sixty years of age, went out hunting with his friends. They were all around the same age. During the trip they began to speak about old memories and started discussing properties owned by their grandfathers. There then arose a dispute between two of them over a piece of land which one of them owned and the other claimed belonged to his grandfather. After a while, the discussion got out of hand and the landowner said to his friend, "By Allah, if I see you anywhere near my land, I will empty this out in your head!" He then grabbed hold of his gun, pointed it a couple of meters above the man's head, and pulled the trigger. Other men present got up from their seats and were about to fight, but their friends restrained them and they all went back to their homes. The man who was fired upon was unable to sleep that night, engulfed with rage. The next morning, he decided to cure his rage by exacting revenge from his friend. He grabbed his AK47 and went out looking for his friend. He came across him sitting in his car in front of a girls' school. The man had retired and was thereafter working as a driver for teachers' transportat...
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