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When the prophet saw the children he said take the

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Unformatted text preview: child, others would barely shake his hand, and others would warmly shake his hand saying, "Welcome, young man! How are you today?" It is the love of that person that will be engraved in the heart of the child, as well as in the hearts of his parents. The Prophet would display the best form of treatment with children. Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him had a younger brother, and the Prophet would play with him and nickname him Abu `Umayr. The child had a small bird that he played with. Whenever the Prophet would meet him, he would joke with him saying, "O Abu `Umayr, what happened to al-Nughayr?" meaning, the bird. He would be kind and playful with children. Whenever he would meet Zaynab bint Umm Salamah, he would playfully say to her, "O Zuwaynib! O Zuwaynib!" Whenever he passed by children playing, he would greet them. Whenever he visited the Ansaar, he would greet their children and place his hand on their heads out of compassion. Upon the return of the Muslim army 63 With children 11 from Mu'tah, the Prophet along with the rest of the Muslims and their children met them on their way back to Madinah. When the Prophet saw the children he said, "Take the children and carry them, and please pass me Ibn Ja'far." They passed `Abdullah bin Ja'far on to him and he held him in his arms. One day as the Prophet was performing ablution, there came to him Mahmud bin al-Rabi' who was only five years old. The Prophet took some water in his mouth and jokingly blew it out in his face. (al-Bukhari) Generally, the Prophet was lively and merry with everyone. He would always try to make people happy. He would always be easygoing with everyone so that people would not become bored in his company. A man came to the Prophet wanting a camel to ride on for a journey or expedition. The Prophet said to him jokingly, "I will give you an offspring of a camel." The man became surprised and thought of how he could possibly ride a camel's offspring that could not carry his weight. He said, "O Messenger of Allah! What would I do...
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