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When the prophet saw this his face brightened like

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Unformatted text preview: ravan.Abu Sufyan was the head of this caravan. When he came to know of the Muslims' advancement, he paid a man called Dhamdham bin `Amr al-Ghifari and said, "Go and inform Quraysh of the news." Dhamdham headed for Makkah. His journey to Makkah was to take a few days and the people of Makkah were unaware of any of the developments. One night, `Atikah bint `Abd al-Muttalib had a nightmare. The next morning, she called for her brother, al-`Abbas bin `Abd alMuttalib and said, "Dear brother, last night I had a terrible nightmare! I feared that it may be indicative of what calamities are to befall your people, so please keep to yourself what I am about to tell you and do not disclose it to anyone." He said, "Ok. What did you see?" 402 Keeping a secret 60 She said, "I saw a man mounted on a camel who came to the valley of al-Abtah and said in a loud voice: `March forth, O you who will depart to your own end in three days!'" She continued, "I saw the people gathered around him. He then moved on until he entered the Mosque whilst the people were following him. Whilst he was still in their midst, he climbed on top of the Ka'bah on his camel and said what he had said before: `March forth, O you who will depart to your own end in three days!'" "He then climbed on top of Mount Abu Qays and said the same in a loud voice: `March forth, O you who will depart to your own end in three days!'" He then lifted a rock and threw it from the top of the mountain. The rock fell from the top of the mountain, and when it landed at the bottom, it broke into small pieces, and fragments of it entered into every house in Makkah." Al-`Abbas was shocked and said, "By Allah, that was an astounding dream!" He feared that the news of this dream may spread and cause harm, so he warned her saying, "Please keep it a secret and do not mention it to anyone." Al-`Abbas then left with the dream on his mind. On his way, he met al-Walid bin `Utbah, who was his friend. He shared the nightmare with him and sai...
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