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When the interpreter heard the dream his complexion

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Unformatted text preview: ; So whilst the generous person is praised, the one who is wasteful is criticised. This is why Allah has forbidden us from both clenching our fists tight and opening them up completely, and ordered us instead to be balanced. The Prophet was the most generous of people. He did not have any form of greed and did not cater for his own interests while ignoring that of others. Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said, "I swear by Allah - the One besides whom there is no god! I was so hungry once that I was sitting down on the ground with a stone tied around my stomach! For a whole day I sat in the path where people make their way out of the mosque. Abu Bakr passed by me and I asked him about a verse from Allah's book. I did not ask him except in the hope that he would ask me to go with him, but he didn't. Then `Umar passed by me, and I asked him about a verse in Allah's book only in the hope that he would ask me to go with him, but he didn't." The Companions at that point were experiencing a severe food shortage. If any of them had a guest, he probably would not have had anything to offer. Abu Hurayrah continued, "Then Abul-Qasim passed by me and smiled as he saw me. He instantly realised by looking at my face what I needed. He said, `Abu Hurayrah!' I said, `At your service, O Messenger of Allah!' He said, `Come along!' 477 Generosity 73 He said that and walked off as I followed him. He entered his house. I asked his permission to enter and he gave me it, so I entered. He found some milk in a utensil and asked, `Where did this milk come from?' His family said: `So-and-so gave it to you as a gift.' He said, `Abu Hurayrah! I said, `At your service, O Messenger of Allah!' He said, `Go to the people of as-Sufa and ask them to come over.' Ahl as-Sufa were the `guests of Islam'. They were a group of people who had accepted Islam, left their cities and decided to live in Madinah in the mosque, not worrying about family or wealth. The Prophet would feel pity for them. Whenever he received anything in charity, he would send it to them directly, without having taken anything from it. Wh...
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