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When the men heard the threat of being slaughtered

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Unformatted text preview: ayer until they reached Banu Quraydhah. When this was mentioned to the Prophet he did not chastise any of the two groups. The Prophet then besieged Banu Quraydhah until Allah gave him victory over them. Consider how they used to differ amongst each other as brothers, such that their differences would not lead to discord, argumentation and people turning against each other. Believe me, if you deal with the people with ease and gentleness, and with an open mind, they will love you and you would thereby enter into their hearts.And before all of this,Allah would love you, for discord is something always negative. A point of view... The objective is not that we should agree. Rather, the objective is not to conflict. 351 (53) Gentleness only beautifies We often comment in amazement at a person, "He is clam, he is unflustered, he is composed." When we would like to criticise a person, we would say, "He is hasty... he is weak..." As for the Messenger of Allah , then he would say, "Gentleness beautifies everything. Harshness disfigures." (Muslim) Are you able to move a ton of metal with your finger? Yes! If you bring a crane, gently and properly tie it to the metal, and activate the crane, you would see the metal hanging in midair.You can move it with your little finger. Two friends once agreed to approach a man to propose marriage to two of his daughters. One of the daughters was older than the other. One of the two men said to the other, "I will take the younger and you take the older." "No! You take the older and I will take the younger!" said the other man. The first man replied, "OK.You take the younger and I will take the one younger than her." "Agreed!" 352 Gentleness only beautifies 53 The man didn't realise that his friend didn't actually change his mind. He only changed his tactics by being gentle. It has come in a Hadith, "If Allah decides well for a family, he blesses them with gentleness. If Allah decides evil for a family, he depr...
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