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When the murderer heard this response he was enraged

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Unformatted text preview: lid ground is walked upon is certainly not the way soft ground is. One would be relaxed walking on the former while apprehensive on the latter. Human beings are of a similar nature. The Prophet said, "Allah created Adam from a handful of dust taken from different lands, so the children of Adam have been created according to the composition of the land. Therefore from mankind we have red, white, black and what comes in between these; we have good and evil, easygoing and sorrowful." (Abu Dawud and at-Tirmidhi who said it Hasan Sahih) Bear this in mind when dealing with others whether they are close, such as fathers, mothers, wives or children, or otherwise, such as neighbours, colleagues or even shopkeepers. 124 People are like the minerals of the earth 20 People's various natures and temperaments have an effect on their decisions. To prove this point, carry out the following experiment: If you ever have a problem with your wife, ask a friend of yours, whom you know to be harsh, for advice. Say to him, "My wife is giving me problems. She does not treat me with respect. What should I do?" He would probably respond with, "Women can only be controlled by terror, fury and rage! Have a strong personality and show her that you are a man!" If you follow this advice, you may subsequently return home and as a result, break up your family. Now, try another friend whom you know to be soft and gentle. Tell him what you told your previous friend. You will find that he would probably say something like, "Dear brother, she is the mother of your children. All marriages have problems. Have patience with her regardless of what happens. She is, after all, your wife and your life partner." Note how a person's nature affects his views and decisions. For this reason, the Prophet forbade that a judge should pass a verdict when he is either thirsty, hungry or even feeling the urge to answer the call of nature. This is because these matters may affect a person, and subsequently influence his decisions and judgements. In a previous era,...
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