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When the war booty was collected and brought to the

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Unformatted text preview: and said, "I see! So what did you do then?" He said, "I slowed down as much as I could, choose the cheapest car in front of me and smashed into it!" 274 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 He then laughed as did I, but I thought about what he had said, and thought that perhaps he did not deserve much criticism, because his choices were limited. Some problems simply do not have a solution. If a person's father happens to be very bigoted, he tries to advise him using all means, and if he does not listen, what more can he do? A suggestion Put yourself in the shoes of the one criticised and think from his perspective. Only then pass a judgement on him. 275 (39) Verify the fault before criticising It was clear by the tone of his voice when he rang me that he was angry, but he was trying his best to conceal his anger.This was not the tone I was used to hear from Fahd. I noticed that he was holding something against me. He began to talk about the many trials people have to face nowadays. Then his tone became harsher and he began to repeat, "You are a preacher, a student of knowledge, and your actions will be accounted for..." I said to him, "Dear Abu `Abdullah, would you like to speak about the issue upfront?" He said, "Well, you gave a lecture at such-and-such a place where you said, such and such." I became amazed and asked, "When was this?" "About three weeks ago", he answered. I said, "I have not been to that area for about a year." He said, "No, you have! And you spoke about this!" It then became clear to me that my friend heard a rumour and he believed it, and on that basis he formulated his advice, his stance and his words. No doubt I still love him but my respect for 276 Verify the fault before criticising 39 him has decreased, because I discovered that he is too hasty. How many are those who draw a conclusion or form views based on a rumour they may hear! Many of them come to advise you only to discover that they were following hearsay. M...
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