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When you bring some tea he would take the tea cups

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Unformatted text preview: e, "Why do you ask? Have you found a luring job for me?" If he says, "Not really, I just wanted to know", you could say, "Salaries these days are a great problem. It seems to be caused by high oil prices!" He might then say, "Well, what do oil prices have to do with salaries?" You could then say, "Oil prices are what determine other prices. Don't you see that wars happen because of it?" He may say, "No. That is not true. There are other reasons for wars. The world is full of wars nowadays..." Thus, he would forget about his initial question. 197 How to deal with a meddlesome person 30 So what do you think? Did you not cleverly get out of the predicament? Similarly, if he were to ask you about your job or where you will travel to next, simply ask him, "Why do you ask? Do you wish to travel with me?" He would say, "I don't know, but tell me anyway!" You could say, "If you did travel with me, you would have to pay for the tickets!" He would then begin to speak about the tickets and forget the original topic. This is how we can escape from such scenarios without causing problems amongst ourselves. Halt... If you've had to face someone who interferes with matters that do not concern him, then be better than him. Try to seek the best exit from the situation without hurting him. 198 (31) Do not criticise! A man sits in his friend's car, and the first thing he says is, "Wow! How old your car is!" He enters his house and upon seeing the furniture he says, "Oh, you still haven't changed your furniture?" When he sees his children, he says, "MashaAllah! They are very sweet! But why don't you give them better clothes to wear?" When his poor wife gives him food, after having to stand in the kitchen for hours on end cooking, he looks at the food and says, "O God! Why didn't she cook rice? Oh! It is lacking in salt. I wasn't in the mood to eat this!" He enters a fruit shop to find it full of a variety of fruits. He asks the sho...
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