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Which of the four children would be the most beloved

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Unformatted text preview: , he found him to be an old man whose body had weakened and bones had softened and who was close to death. Abu Bakr looked at his father, who he now saw after a long period of separation, for he had been apart from his father in the service of his religion. The Prophet said to Abu Bakr out of kindness,"Why didn't you leave your old father at home so I could come to see him instead?" Abu Bakr knew that they were in the middle of a war where the Messenger of Allah was their leader. He also knew that the Prophet had very little time and too much to accomplish to visit the old man's house and ask him to accept Islam. Hence, Abu Bakr thanked the Prophet and said, "O Messenger of Al151 Taking one's psychological condition into consideration 23 lah, it is more appropriate that he comes to you than for you to go to him." The Prophet sat Abu Quhafah down in front of him very kindly, placed his hand on his chest and said, "Accept Islam." Abu Quhafah's face illuminated, and he said, "I testify that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and messenger", and Abu Bakr rejoiced as he had never done before. The Prophet gazed at the old man's face and noticed that his hair had turned grey, so he said, "Dye his hair, but do not use black." Yes, he would take psychology into consideration when dealing with others. In fact, when he entered Makkah, he had divided the army into battalions and had given the banner of one of the battalions to the heroic Companion Sa'd bin `Ubadah may Allah be pleased with him. It was considered very noble to carry the banner, not just for the carrier but also for his people. As Sa'd was looking at Makkah and its residents, he reflected upon how they had fought against the Messenger of Allah , put him under unbearable strain, turned people away from him, murdered Sumayyah and Yasir, and tortured Bilal and Khabbab. He thought that they surely deserved to be taught a lesson! Sa'd waved his banner and said, "Today is the day of slaughter! Today your inviolabilities will be attacked!" This was unbearable for Quraysh. They feared that he might exterminate them all. Henc...
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