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Who is going to protect you from me now the messenger

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Unformatted text preview: only? No; rather, "To the world." Think about the Jews who would insult him and instigate trouble, whilst he would continue to be gentle with them.`A'ishah may Allah be pleased with her said, "The Jews once passed by the Prophet's house and said: `as-Saam `alaykum' (i.e. death be upon you), and the Prophet replied: `And upon you, too!'' `A'ishah couldn't bear it, so when she heard it, she responded, `And death be upon you, too, and Allah's curse and anger!" The Prophet said, "Take it easy, O `A'ishah! You should be gentle.You shouldn't curse or be harsh." She said, "Didn't you hear what they said?" He said, "Didn't you hear what I said? I prayed against them and that prayer will be accepted, whereas their prayer against me will not be accepted." Yes, for there is no need to respond to insult with another 69 With adversaries 13 insult. Allah has said, "Speak to people with kind words..." One day the Prophet went out with his companions on an expedition. On their way back they stopped over in a valley full of trees. The companions dispersed under the various trees and fell asleep. The Prophet hung his sword on a branch, spread out his cloak, and went to sleep. Meanwhile, a pagan who was following the Muslims noticed that Allah's Messenger didn't have his sword, so he approached him stealthily, took the sword off the branch and then shouted, "O Muhammad! Who is going to protect you from me now?" The Messenger of Allah woke up to find the man standing over him with a sword, ready to kill him. The Prophet was alone and wearing only a lower garment. His companions had dispersed and were asleep. The man became conceited with his power and strength and kept repeating, "Who will save you from me?! Who will save you from me?!" The Prophet replied with full conviction, "Allah." The man was struck with terror and the sword fell from his hand. The Prophet then got hold of the sword and said, "Who will save you...
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