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Whoever stipulates a condition that does not exist in

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Unformatted text preview: is visited by guests, he expects her to cook the best dishes. If he sits with her, he expects her to talk about the best topics. He expects the same from his children. He wants them to be perfect at everything, excellent with his friends and with whomever he meets on the street or a marketplace, etc. If anyone of them falls short, he would consume him by his speech, over-criticise and repeatedly pass comments, until people become bored of him.This is because he cannot see on a white page but a black spot. Such people usually punish themselves by their nature. Their closest friends dislike them and avoid their company. SubhanAllah! All the while, Allah says, "And when you speak, be just!" Our mother `A'ishah may Allah be pleased with her said, whilst describing the way the Prophet would treat others, "The Messenger of Allah never complained about food. If he liked it, he ate it. If he didn't like it, he simply left it.' (al-Bukhari and Muslim) Absolutey! He never used to make a fuss about anything. Anas may Allah be pleased with him said, "I served the Messenger of Allah for nine years. I never heard him comment about anything I did, `Why did you do this?!' He never criticised me for anything at all. By Allah! He never even said uff to me!" This is how he was, and this is how we should be. By saying that, however, I am not suggesting that you should not advise others, or that you should remain silent over their mistakes. Rather, you should not scrutinise everything people do, 201 Do not criticise! 31 especially in worldly matters. Learn to overlook such matters. If a guest were to knock at your door, you would welcome him and take him to the drawing room. When you bring some tea, he would take the tea cups. Upon looking into the cup, he would comment, "Why didn't you fill up the cup?" If you say, "Shall I give you more?" He would say, "No, leave it. This is enough." He then asks for water and you give him a glass of water which...
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