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Why should he care about his provision when it was in

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Unformatted text preview: ed Abu Baseer to leave Madinah, and so he did with the two disbelievers. When they exited Madinah, they sat down to eat. One of them sat with Abu Baseer while the other disappeared to relieve himself. The one sitting next to Abu Baseer took his sword out and began to play with it. He said to Abu Baseer jokingly, "I will strike with this sword al-Aws and al-Khazraj all day long!" Abu Baseer said to him, "By Allah, I see your sword is excellent!" He said, "Yes, by Allah! This sword is fine, I have used it over and over!" Abu Baseer said, "Allow me to have a look, please." The man gave him the sword. As soon as he got hold of it, he raised the sword and struck his neck with it, causing his head to fly off.When the man's companion came back and saw the body of his friend cut up, he was terrified and rushed to Madinah to the Prophet in his Mosque. When the Prophet saw him terrified, he said, "He must 529 Help by your speech if you cannot do so in any other way 81 have seen something awful." He stood in front of the Prophet and screamed, "By Allah, my friend has been killed and I am going to be killed, too!" It wasn't long before Abu Baseer entered the Mosque, looking sinister with a blood-stained sword in his hand. He said, "O Prophet of Allah! Allah has fulfilled your trust. You did return me to them, but Allah has saved me. Please, accept me!" The Prophet said, "No." Abu Baseer then said in a loud voice, "OK then, give me a man and I will conquer Makkah for you!" The Prophet was amazed at his valour. However, he was not able to fulfil his request as there was the pact between him and the people of Makkah. However, the Prophet still wanted to respond to him in kindness and to help him by his speech if he could not do so in any other way. He turned to his Companions and said in praise of Abu Baseer, "Woe be to his mother! He is a warrior, if only he had men!' These words also c...
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