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Workshop struggling against yourself to free yourself

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Unformatted text preview: ot;Yes, but what occasion in particular? Graduation? Or when you went on a trip? Or something else?" He would continue to ask you questions about an utterly worthless matter! I ask you, by Allah, wouldn't you feel like shouting at him, saying, "Do not interfere in that which does not concern you!' And even worse is if he were to put you in an awkward situation by asking you an embarrassing question in public! I remember, once I was in a gathering with a group of my friends. After the Maghrib prayer, one of my friends' mobile phone rang. He was sitting next to me. He answered the phone, "Yes?" His wife shouted on the phone, "Hello! Where are you, you donkey?" Her voice was so loud that I could hear their conversation well. He said, "I am fine, may Allah protect you." It seemed as though he had promised her to take her to her family, but became busy with us. His wife became really angry and said, "May Allah not protect you! You are quite happy to be with your friends all the while I wait for you. By Allah, you are a bull!" He said, "May Allah be pleased with you. I will come to you after `Ishaa." I realised that his speech did not exactly correspond to hers. Thereafter I realised that he was speaking in this manner in order to save himself from embarrassment. He then finished his call. I began to look at those present, thinking to myself that one of them will ask him, "Who was that on the phone? What does he want from you? Why did your face change after the conversation?" But Allah had mercy on him; no 192 Do not interfere in matters that do not concern you 29 one interfered in a matter which did not concern them. Likewise, if you were to visit a patient and ask him about his illness, and he were to reply vaguely, "al-Hamdulillah, nothing major, just minor illness", and such expressions that do not explicitly answer the question, do not embarrass him by persisting on asking detailed questions, such as, "I am sorry, but what exac...
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