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Would it have corrected the mans manners never it

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Unformatted text preview: now that this has been forbidden?" 383 Make your tongue sweet 55 He replied, "Forbidden? No! I didn't know about it, O Messenger of Allah!" The Prophet said, "Yes. It has been forbidden." `Amir then took it away. Some people then suggested to him that he should sell it.When the Prophet heard about it, he said, "No. When Allah forbids something, he also forbids its value." Upon hearing this, the Companion took the bottle and poured the alcohol on the ground. Be careful of praising yourself while advising others, and ending up elevating yourself while putting the one being advised down. No one likes being treated in this way. Some fathers, for example, when advising their sons, begin to mention their own achievements and glories, "I used to be this and that..." Perhaps the sons already know the history of their fathers! So when you are in need of giving an example when advising, try your best not to mention yourself as an example and recall your bravery and glorious actions. Only mention others, such that the one being advised does not feel that you are degrading him and praising yourself. In short... "Even a good word is charity," Hadith. 384 (56) Be concise and do not argue They say that the one who advises is like the one who whips. It is only by the virtue of the whip-man's skill that the pain remains.Take note, that I said `whip-man's skill' and not `whip-man's strength'! Hence, the aggressive whip-man who whips with all his might inflicts pain on the man only for the moment the whip hits the body. But it isn't long until the man forgets the pain. As for the experienced whip-man, he may not even whip with all his might, but he knows where to whip. The same is applicable to the one who advises.What matters is not excessive speech or a lengthy advice, but the approach of the one who is advising. Try to shorten your advice as much as you can. If you want to advise him, then do not give him a lecture, especially if it is over an undisputable...
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