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Years have passed since then and i still know him

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Unformatted text preview: him and pushing him away. The child goes to his mother crying, and on his way, his beautiful cat comes to him and begins to rub itself against his legs as usual, but he kicks the cat with his foot and the cat ends up hitting the wall. 420 Who kicked the cat? 63 Question: Who kicked the cat? Perhaps you will smile and say, "The manager." That's right, it is the manager, because he pressurised himself so much that he eventually exploded. Why do we not learn the skill of distributing our workload? Why can't we say with courage about the tasks that we cannot perform, "This is out of our hands... We aren't able to do this..." especially when placing yourself under pressure may result in you behaving in a way that adversely affects people who were not part of the problem to begin with. Be careful to not allow yourself to be pressurised by others, such that they embarrass you until you give in to their demands, or make empty promises. Come with me to Madinah, if you please, and look at the Messenger of Allah , as he sat in his blessed gathering, after Islam had spread far and wide and the people worshipped Allah alone. The leaders of various tribes came to him in submission as believers, whilst some came to him disguising hate and malice in their hearts. One day, one of the Arab leaders came to him. He was very well respected amongst his people. His name was `Amir bin al-Tufayl. His people, when they noticed how Islam had spread, would suggest to him, "O `Amir, most people have become Muslim. You may as well embrace Islam." `Amir was very arrogant and haughty. He would say to them in response, "By Allah, I have already sworn that I will not die until the Arabs make me their king and follow me, for I am not 421 Who kicked the cat? 63 going to follow this young man from Quraysh!" Later when he saw that Islam had dominated and the people had agreed to follow the Messenger of Allah , he mounted his camel and went along with his companions to the M...
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