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Yet another teacher walks through the corridor by

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Unformatted text preview: de issues and start reading their text messages? It has everything to do with the skills of verbal communication. Why is it when one school teacher walks through the corridor, all the students gather around him? One shaking his hand, another asking his advice, and yet another one complaining about a problem; if he were to sit in his office and allow the students 35 Be unique 6 to enter, it would be filled with students in seconds as everyone wishes to sit with him. Yet, another teacher walks through the corridor by himself and leaves the school's mosque and he is alone. No student approaches him to shake his hand, or to complain about a problem. If he were to leave his office open from sunrise to sunset, no one would ever come to it as nobody seems to like to be in his company. Why? It has everything to do with interpersonal skills. One person enters a public gathering and everyone smiles at his face and feels joy at meeting him; everyone wishes to sit next to him. However, another person walks in and gets cold handshakes, either out of custom or kindness. He then looks for a place to sit but cannot find a person who gives him any space or calls him to sit next to him. Why? It has everything to do with the techniques of attracting and influencing others. Why is it that a father enters his house and his children smile at him with joy, whereas another comes to see his children but they do not even turn to acknowledge his presence? It is all to do with the skills of dealing with children. You can say the same about the mosque, wedding parties and so on. People differ in varying degrees from each other in terms of their interpersonal skills, and, accordingly, the way they are treated by others also differs to varying degrees. Influencing people and earning their love is easier than one can imagine. I am 36 Be unique 6 not exaggerating when I say this, since I have tried these skills a number of times and found that it is very easy to capture people's hearts, if indeed we are serious about interpersonal skills and training ourselves in them. People are affected by the way we deal wi...
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