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Yet the prophet was forbidding them from killing

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Unformatted text preview: phet turned to her and said, "Come, let's race!" She therefore raced him, and `A'ishah won. After some time, she went out again with the Prophet on another journey. By now she had grown and put on weight. The Prophet said to the people, "Carry on..." and they did. He then said to `A'ishah, "Come, let's race!" They raced, and this time, the Prophet won. The Prophet then started to joke about it as he patted her on her back, saying, "That was for last time when you defeated me! That was for last time when you defeated me!" He would, however, deal very differently with Khadijah, as she was fifteen years his senior. He would take this into consideration even when dealing with his companions. He would not deal with Abu Hurayrah as he would with Khalid , or with Abu Bakr as he would with Talhah . He would deal with `Umar in a way he would never do with anyone else. When the Prophet went out with his Companions to the 93 Use the right flavour 17 battle of Badr and came to know that the Quraysh were also on their way, he knew that some men from the Quraysh were coerced into going and had no intention of fighting the Muslims. He stood amongst his companions and said, "I have come to know that some men from Banu Hashim and others have been forced to come. They do not want to fight us. Therefore, whoever of you meets anyone from Banu Hashim in the battle, let him not kill him. Whoever sees Abu al-Bakhtari bin Hashim bin al-Harith bin Asad, let him not kill him. Whoever sees al-`Abbas bin `Abd al-Muttalib, the uncle of the Messenger of Allah, let him not kill him, for he has been compelled." It is also said that al-`Abbas was a Muslim who had concealed his faith and would inform the Prophet about Quraysh's activities.The Prophet did not want him to be killed by the Muslims, nor did he want to expose the fact that al-`Abbas was a Muslim. This was the first battle ever to be fought between the two factions, the Muslims and the disbelievers of Quraysh. The Muslims were tense since they had not prepared for the fight and would soon be fighting their relatives, sons and fathers.Yet, the Prophet was forbi...
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