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You can perform it by regularly praying the night

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Unformatted text preview: essenger of Allah . When he entered the mosque, he saw the Messenger of Allah sitting with his Companions. He stood in front of the Prophet and said, "O Muhammad! I want to speak to you alone." The Prophet was cautious of such people, so he said, "No, by Allah! Not until you believe in Allah alone." He said again, "O Muhammad, I want to speak to you alone." But the Prophet refused. But he kept insisting, "O Muhammad, come with me so I may speak to you!" So the Prophet eventually got up to speak to him. As he got up, `Amir pulled one of his companions over to him. His name was Arbad, whom `Amir conspired with to kill the Messenger of Allah . He had said to him, "I will keep him busy while you strike him with a sword from behind." Thus, Arbad placed his hand on his sword in preparation. As the Prophet stood and spoke with `Amir alone, next to a wall, Arbad grabbed his sword. But each time he wanted to unsheath the sword, his hand would become stiff, and thus he wasn't able to do it. `Amir was keeping the Prophet busy and looking at Arbad at the same time, whilst Arbad remained stiff, unable to move. The Prophet turned to Arbad to see what he was doing, and 422 Who kicked the cat? 63 then turned to `Amir and said, "O `Amir bin al-Tufayl, accept Islam." `Amir replied, "O Muhammad, what would you give me in return for becoming a Muslim?" The Prophet replied, "You will have what all the Muslims have and you would be expected to do what all the Muslims are expected to do." `Amir said, "Do you agree to give me authority after you, if I was to embrace Islam?" The Prophet did not want to promise `Amir that which might not be fulfilled. Hence, he was boldly straightforward with him and said, "Authority is neither for you nor for your people." `Amir attempted to make his demands more plausible, so he said, "I will accept Islam if you give me authority over the Bedouins and you keep authority over the cities....
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