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You can then say to him i have some words to offer to

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Unformatted text preview: wered his head as Ahmad began to cry profusely. Many among the audience were affected by this although they had no idea why he was crying. He continued to speak in sign language until he stopped. Abu `Abdullah then said, "Ahmad is now relating to you the period in his life when he changed: how he came to know about Allah and prayer due to a person on the street who taught him out of pity for him, and how, when he began to pray, he felt closer to Allah by imagining the great reward awaiting him due to his condition as well as how he got to taste the sweetness of faith." Abu `Abdullah continued to relate the rest of his story as the people listened in amazement. However, I was busy thinking something else! I would look at Ahmad and then at Fayiz and say to myself, "Ahmad can see and knows sign language, which is why Abu `Abdullah is able to communicate with him. I wonder how he is going to communicate with Fayiz knowing he can neither see, hear nor speak?" Ahmad finished delivering his lecture and began wiping away his tears. Meanwhile, Abu `Abdullah turned to Fayiz. I asked myself, "What is he going to do?" Abu `Abdullah struck Fayiz's knee with his fingers, and there he was, delivering a very moving lecture. Any idea how he delivered that lecture? Did he speak? How could he, for he was dumb! Did he use sign language? How could he, for he was blind and had never learnt sign language! He delivered his lecture by `touch' language. Abu `Abdullah, who was the translator, placed his hand be- 493 The tongue is king 76 tween Fayiz's hands. Fayiz would then touch his hand in particular ways by which Abu `Abdullah knew what Fayiz was trying to say. He would then relate to us what he understood from Fayiz. Sometimes it would take up to a quarter of an hour to understand what he was trying to say. Fayiz would then sit still, not knowing whether the translator had finished translating or not, as he was of course neither able to hear nor see. When the translator would finish speaking, he would strike Fa...
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