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You eat and drink whist he remains hungry and thirsty

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Unformatted text preview: the one responsible for cultural activities in the prison. I asked him about the cause which led most of these men to commit murder. He replied, "Just anger. By Allah, dear Shaykh, some of them have killed over a few riyals during a dispute with a shopkeeper or a petrol station attendant!" Thereupon, I remembered the words of the Prophet , "A strong person is not the one who throws his adversaries to the ground. Rather, a strong person is he who contains himself when angry." (al-Bukhari and Muslim) Yes! The hero isn't the one with a strong body who overpowers anyone he wrestles with, for if this was the yardstick of heroism, then surely the animals would have been nobler than men. Rather, the hero is the intelligent one who knows how to skilfully deal with diverse situations. The hero is the one who tactfully deals with his wife, children, manager, and colleagues without losing them. 142 Mu'awiyah's hair 21 A Hadeeth states, "A judge should not give judgement whilst he is angry." (Abu Dawud and at-Tirmidhi who said it is Hasan Sahih) The Prophet ordered us to train ourselves on forbearance; he said, "Patience comes with forbearance." (ad-Daruqutni, Hasan) The meaning of this is that the first time one suppresses his anger, it may drain his emotions 100%. The second time, it will decrease to 90%. The third time, it will be 80%, and so on until forbearance becomes second nature. An incident related to anger is when I once went to the city of Amlaj, which is 300 km to the south of Jeddah, in order to deliver a lecture. Among the audience was a young man who would very easily become angry. This young man was once driving his car on the road at a normal speed, as he was in no hurry. Behind him was another car whose driver seemed to be in a rush and was trying to overtake him. Seeing this, the young man slowed down even more and gestured at the car behind to slow down. The driver of the car that was following could hold his patience no longer. H...
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