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You realise that he is carefully following your words

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Unformatted text preview: then turned to her with his drained eyes, fatigued body, disfigured face, and a heart full of love for this religion, and said, "What happened to the Messenger of Allah ?" Umm Abu Bakr was standing next to her and Umm Jameel feared that she might be exposed for her Islam and thereafter abused. She said, "O Abu Bakr, your mother is here and listening." He said, "Don't worry about her." She said, "OK, the Messenger of Allah is safe and sound." He said, "Where is he?" She said, "In the house of Abu al-Arqam." His mother then said, "Now you know about your friend, so get up and eat or drink something." Abu Bakr replied, "I vow to Allah that I will not taste any food or drink until I see the Messenger of Allah with my own eyes." 546 Supplications 82 They waited until the people had calmed down, then left with Abu Bakr as he dragged his feet along the ground, to the house of Abu al-Arqam. Abu Bakr entered with a wounded and bloody face and his clothes torn apart.When the Prophet saw him in this state, he leapt up to him to kiss him, as did the rest of the Muslims. The Prophet felt extreme pity for him, such that it was very apparent on his face. Abu Bakr decided to downplay his injuries and said, "May my mother and father be sacrificed for you, O Messenger of Allah. I am fine, apart from the blows I received on my face from that wicked man." Abu Bakr was a hero who had great concern for the Islamic call. He would utilise whatever opportunities were available to him, no matter what state he was in and despite being wounded and thirsty. He thus said, "O Messenger of Allah! This is my mother who is kind to her parents. You are, indeed, blessed. Please pray to Allah for her that He saves her from Hell." The Messenger of Allah prayed to Allah for her guidance and then asked her to embrace Islam. She responded by becoming a Muslim on the spot. Supplications were, therefore, one of the ways in which the Muslims would deal with each other. Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, had become a Muslim but his mo...
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