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You seem to be the most intelligent of them allyou

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Unformatted text preview: e is, by Allah, the mean person and you are honourable!" Then Usayd attempted to lighten the Prophet's mood and said, "O Messenger of Allah! Be gentle with him. When Allah brought you to us, his people were decorating the pearls to crown him. He now sees that you have usurped his kingdom." The Prophet kept silent and carried on with the journey, whilst some people were still collecting their belongings and others were mounting their rides. The news began to spread until it became the subject of discussion amongst the entire army. "Why are we setting off at this time? What did he say? How should we deal with him? Ibn Salul spoke the truth! No he lied!" were the rumours spreading among the people like Chinese whispers. The army was left confused as they were on their way back from the battle. Moreover some hostile tribes lay in wait for them.The Prophet felt that the army was about to divide, thus he decided to keep them busy with something else to divert their attention away from the crisis or argumentation, as they continued to inflame the matter and create trouble between the 303 The keys to mistakes... 43 Muhajirin and the Ansar. The people began to wait for the moment they would stop over, get together and discuss the matter. Thus, the Prophet continued to march with the army for the whole day in the sun. He continued until the sun set and the people thought that now they would stop over to pray and rest. But the Prophet stopped over very briefly, during which they prayed and then moved on again. They continued with their journey throughout the night until they reached the next morning. He stopped over to pray the Fajr prayer and ordered everyone to continue with the journey. They continued to walk the entire morning until they became exhausted and irritated by the sun.When the Prophet realised that they were completely exhausted and tired such that they were unable to speak, he ordered them to stop over. They had only touched the ground when th...
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