Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: "I swear by the One who has 80 With animals 14 Muhammad's soul in His Hand, were it not that I embraced it, it would have continued crying until the Day of Resurrection." A hint... Allah has honoured man, but this does not give him an excuse to oppress the rest of His creatures. 81 (15) A hundred ways to win people's hearts Anyone involved in a particular activity wishes to excel in order to achieve his objectives. The one who loves wealth spees in accumulating it and further aspires to learn the tricks of his trade. Satellite television channels spee in attracting viewers by airing a variety of shows using the latest technology. They also train their presenters in attracting viewers for current as well as forthcoming programs. The same can be said of newspapers, radio and television. The same applies to those who market various products, whether halaal or haraam. All these people endeavour to spee in techniques that are needed in order for them to excel in their respective fields. Winning hearts is also an art with its own ways and means. Suppose you enter a gathering of forty men, and as you pass by each of them, shaking everyone's hand, the first shakes your hand indifferently and says very coldly, "Welcome"; the second is busy speaking to the next person, and as you greet him by surprise, he responds to you very impersonally and without even looking at you, then continues with his conversation with the next person; the third person is speaking on the phone, so he simply stretches out his hand without saying a word or showing any respect. However, when you get to the fourth person, he 82 A hundred ways to win people's hearts 15 sees you and immediately stands up to greet you. When your eyes meet his, he smiles and demonstrates that he is glad to meet you. He shakes your hand warmly and welcomes you, even though you don't know each other at all! You then greet the rest of the people and take a seat. Do you doubt that your heart will have the most respect for t...
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