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Ziyad tried to see the face of the driver since the

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Unformatted text preview: rselves by behaving inappropriately. This is often caused by the lack of expertise in discussion and argumentation. The debater is like a rock-climber. It is important that he is careful where he places his hands and feet. You will find that a rock-climber will first look at the rock he wishes to hold on to. He examines it fully and thinks whether or not it would withstand his weight before grabbing hold of it. He does the same with the rock he wishes to place his foot upon. When he wants to move his foot away from one rock to another, he carefully examines the stone before lifting his foot, in case he makes a mistake and falls. I would not make a discussion or debate long. Rather, I would 565 The art of discussion 86 keep it concise and precise. It is not admirable to become engaged in a discussion or an argument. Perhaps you may even agree with me that more than 90% of the arguments are not beneficial. Try to avoid argumentation as much as possible. Do not be angry if someone criticises you and tries to argue with you. Relax as much as you can and do not upset yourself contemplating the intention of the one who criticises you, thinking, "What does he want? Why did he embarrass me in front of others?" Do not kill yourself with anxiety. Deal with the situation calmly. Winds only blow away small rocks - and you are a mountain! When the Prophet came to Makkah as a conqueror after the Quraysh had nullified their treaty with him, the Prophet had prayed to Allah to blind the Quraysh from noticing him so that he could attack them in surprise when they were unaware. When the Prophet headed towards Makkah, he stopped over at a nearby place whilst the Quraysh had no knowledge of it. But they were nonetheless on the lookout for him. That same night, Abu Sufyan along with some of his companions went out on a reconnaissance mission, as the Prophet waited for dawn to break so that he could attack the Quraysh. When al-`Abbas may Allah be pleased with him saw this, he said, "O for the morning that Quraysh are going to witness! By Allah, if the Messenger of Allah enters...
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