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E abu yusuf and say to him o shaykh i have a question

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Unformatted text preview: e. They differed and argued for a long time, during which they raised their voices and failed to convince each other. The other scholar's complexion changed and he became angry and felt hurt. When the meeting ended and they decided to leave, al-Shafi'i turned to the scholar, took hold of his hand and said, "Why can't we differ and still be brothers?" Some scholars of Hadith once sat in the presence of a Caliph. One of the scholars in the gathering narrated a Hadith, and thereupon, another scholar became very surprised and said, "This is not a Hadith! From where did you get it? Are you lying upon the Messenger of Allah ?" The scholar replied, "To the contrary, this is a well established Hadith!" The other scholar said, "No! We have never heard this Hadith nor memorised it!" In the gathering there was an intelligent vizier. He turned to the scholar and said very gently, "O Shaykh, have you memorised all of the Hadith of the Prophet ?" 347 We can disagree and still be brothers! 52 "No", the scholar replied. The vizier asked, "So did you memorise half of them?" "Perhaps", the scholar replied. The vizier replied, "Then consider this Hadith to be from the half you have not memorised!" and that was the end of the problem. Al-Fudhayl bin `Ayadh and `Abdullah bin al-Mubarak were two close friends who would never leave each other. They were both modest scholars. `Abdullah bin al-Mubarak decided to go for Jihad and join the garrison troops for guard duty at the frontiers, while al-Fudhayl bin `Ayadh decided to stay in the Haram to pray and worship Allah. One day, his heart melted and he began to weep. Al-Fudhayl was sitting in the Haram and worshipping Allah. He longed for his friend, Ibn al-Mubarak, and recalled their gatherings in which they would remember Allah.Thus, al-Fudhayl wrote to Ibn al-Mubarak asking him to come to the Haram for worship, remembrance of Allah and recitation of the Qur'an. When Ibn al-Mubarak read al-Fudhayl's let...
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