A Summary of Usool uth-Thalaathah - The First Principle

A Summary of Usool uth-Thalaathah - The First Principle -...

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Unformatted text preview: The 1st Principle The Servant's Knowledge of His Lord (Rabb, [Ma`bood]) Directing these to other than Allaah is Shirk Whoever directs any of these to other than Allaah is a Mushrik, Kaafir 23:117 Hadeeth 40:60 Types of `Ibaadah ar-Rabb is al-Ma`bood How do you know your Lord Who is Your Lord ad-Du`aa The evidence is al-Khawf O M ankind worship your Lord... By His (1) A ayaa t (2) M akhlooqaat The one who nurtured me and all the creation with His favours - He is the ma`bood and I have no ma`bood besides Him 72:18 - 40:60 Hadeeth ar-Rajaa` From His Signs are the night, the day, the sun and the moon at-Tawakkul From His Creations are the seven Heavens and Earths ar-Raghbah 41:37 7:54 7:185 2:21-22 18:110 6:53 - 5:23 21:90 1:1 And everything besides Him is an `Aalam (created thing) ar-Rahbah 21:90 al-Khushoo` 21:90 al-Khashyah 2:150 al-Inaabah 39:54 al-Isti`aanah 1:5 al-Isti`aadhah 113:1 - 114:1 al-Istighaathah 8:9 Two ways of proving that directing these to other than Allaah is kufr: (1) GENERAL : This consists of two parts (a) a text that provides evidence that this affair is from the affairs of `ibaadah (b) once that is established, then the general evidences (72:18, 40:60, 23:117) are used to show that directing that specific type of `ibaadah is Shirk (2) SP E CIF IC : That every one of these acts of worship has its own specific evidence that establishes that directing it to other than Allaah is Shirk, and that it is obligatory to single it out for Allaah. adh-Dhabh 6:162-163 an-Nadhr 76:7 WWW.SPUBS.COM ...
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