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Up From Slavery notes - o Occasion Product of c1890’s...

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Up From Slavery Document provide persons an opp. to explore 1 st hand ideas and values of another time Non-textual documents o Anything produced at any particular time that helps us understand that time Painting = doc. b/c produced @ particular moment ^^^ Historians subject doc. To criticism to see how useful and val. They are o What was occasion in which it was produced? (climate of opinion at that moment to shape doc) o Who produced document? (attitudes and values that will go into doc) o What purpose was it produced? (why? To convince someone? Agenda?) o What audience was it produced? (who would use it/read it/look at it/listen to…anticipated audience) Could it have an unanticipated audience? (audience author couldn’t think of) o How would a historian use this? Up From Slavery (questions)
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Unformatted text preview: o Occasion Product of c1890’s Racial tension = all time high Decade of strict segregation o Who Educator Man responding to difficult times o Why To tell ppl about himself Explain his own ideas o Audience Gov’t White people b/c white ppl will want to read that his school/success/agenda = not threatening o How can historian use this? Responding to certain circumstances by appealing to that audience White females/black males = not communicating -- only speak in “racial code” • Monroe Trotter/Ida B. Wells claimed Washington was selling out and book shows it: chapter 14 “nothing to fear from us we have been loyal etc.,etc.,” and asks for economic opp. • Timely vs. timeless?...
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Up From Slavery notes - o Occasion Product of c1890’s...

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