The Renal System

The Renal System - The Renal System o Main function...

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The Renal System o Main function Maintaining stability of ECF volume and electrolytes Receives 20-25% of cardiac output This amount is needed to monitor and control ECF Main route for eliminating toxic waste from body Produce rennin Activating Vitamin D o Kidneys Bean shaped Located BEHIND the abdominal cavity Renal Artery carries blood TOWARD the kidney Renal Vein carries blood AWAY from the kidney o Ureters Smooth muscle ducts Carry urine to bladder o Urinary Bladder Temporarily stores urine Hollow smooth muscle walled sac Empties urine in the Urethra to leave the body o Urethra Carries urine out of the body Shorter in women Longer in men o Eliminating urine and ejaculation of semen o Micturation aka peeing Stimulated stretch receptors signal smooth muscle in bladder wall by parasymp. neurons
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Co ntra ctio n of bladder pushes urine out Micturation reflex Relaxation of EXTERNAL urethral sphincter muscle allows uring to pass through urethra and out of the body o EXTERNAL sphincter is under VOLUNTARY control Urinary System o Nephron Functional unit of the kidney Each neuron has 2 components Vascular component o Glomerulus Filters blood o Afferent arterioles Carries blood to the glomerulus Thicker than efferent arterioles o Efferent arterioles Carries blood away from the glomerulus o
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The Renal System - The Renal System o Main function...

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