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Compliance plans are a MAJOR factor in the medical field. Compliance plans correlate to different medical records documentation standards by investigating the files. Reviewers come to medical offices to make sure that things like billing and requirements of the patient are correct. An example would be something like this: Men 50 and over are supposed to be checked for prostate cancer (requirement). If it is seen in a record that the procedure has not been done, or at least offered to be done, it may be brought to the attention of the doctor or clerical staff. With that, these reviewers must make sure that payment was made (by the patient or insurance) towards the test/lab/procedure. The same would go for mammograms for older women, well- child check for younger patients, vaccinations, pap smears and so on. The benefits of having a compliance plan are: The Practice will gain numerous benefits by implementing an effective
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Unformatted text preview: compliance program. These benefits include: The development of effective internal procedures to ensure compliance with regulations, payment policies and coding rules: Improved medical record documentation; Improved education for Practice employees; Reduction in denial of claims; More streamlined Practice operations through better communication and more comprehensive policies; The avoidance of potential liability arising from noncompliance; and, Reduced exposure to penalties. Medical compliance Plans, if adhered can and will limit liability risk because they encourage professional to stay within the guidelines for "acceptable standards of care". I believe reasonable but not a cure-all to totally avoid a malpractice lawsuit for the death or injury caused due to actions or inactions of medical professionals....
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