World War 1 - World War 1 Weapons o Machine guns Trauma o...

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World War 1 Weapons o Machine guns Trauma o Euro writers writing about their personal disillusionment in the war American o Casualties less than any other country o Were not in the war for full term War began late aug 1914 o Serbian nationalist assassinated Austrian archduke o Triggered events leading into WWI o 1914 Case ^^^ WWI proved that for at least a decade Europe was an armed camp ready for war Several secret treaties among euro countries linking them together in a labyrinth of treaty obligation Aust. Declared war in Serbia (Russia w/ aust…france w/ Serbia) Woodrow Wilson o 1 st term o Not good with int’l relations o In Sep. 1914 he declared American neutrality
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o Neutrality goes back to George Washington’s second term (became tradition when euro war broke out) o US already industrial power of the world at the time o Chief neutral supplier to both sides of the cause Triple Alliance (Germans, Austrians, Italians) Triple Entendre (France Great Britain Russia) o Knew it would be difficult to stay neutral b/c either side could intervene with the supplies of the opposite o Americans will be neutral in thought as well as in deed o Not all people could be neutral in thought (culture, immigrants) o No matter what pres. Wilson wanted, it wouldn’t happen Europeans o Understood am. Were taking sides o America was the big decisive point on who would win the war o Raging a propaganda war to convince America that they were the right side o British created amazing posters Portrayed Germans as brutes Featuring women (innocence) dying b/c of Germans o Anxious to get us in the war (on the right side)
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World War 1 - World War 1 Weapons o Machine guns Trauma o...

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