HCA 220 week 2 checkpoint

HCA 220 week 2 checkpoint - be exact encompass the...

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Checkpoint: Medical Records Documentation and Billing HCA/220 There are different compliance plans for different standards of medical records documentation. The following are steps are part of this process. Compliance Plans Compliance plans are encompassed with everything that fulfills bureaucrat conditions. A facility that has a compliance plan is demonstrating that they are making a commitment to find and mend all areas of the facility that are not up to par. When a facility implements a compliance plan it is helping itself by avoiding any negative legal action, provides early notification of problems or potential problems, and provides training and education. The areas that the compliance plans effects is billing and coding. Medical Records Compliance plans correlate with medical records by accurate documentation and the collection of information from medical examiners. All medical records are required to
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Unformatted text preview: be exact, encompass the patient’s diagnosis and all information pertaining to the condition, and the course of care is being provided. These documents are legal documents and must always be precise. These documents may be used by a physician or facility if legal action is pursued. Documentation Standards Because of the 10 steps connected to compliance plans, documentation standards, and medical records compliance plans correlate with documentation standards. Connected with compliance plans are the verification of compliance in billing and coding. Included in the correlation would be anything pertaining to patient information or the documentation of any type. Documentation standards include all patient statements, preparation of the claims, the transmitting of those claims; follow up of payments, and monitoring of payer adjudication....
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HCA 220 week 2 checkpoint - be exact encompass the...

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