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hcr 220 week 5 CPT codes have three categories

hcr 220 week 5 CPT codes have three categories - Category...

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There are three different categories for CPT codes. These categories are Category I, Category II, and Category III. These codes can be found in the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System or (HCPCS). The key words for using these three categories are temporary, common, and optional. Category I is the most used of the three categories and so it is referred to as common codes. Category I codes have five digits and no decimal points. Category I codes are for commonly performed procedures in medicine. Physicians and most care provider’s in-patient and –out- patient use the codes. These codes are updated on an annual basis. These codes are divided into six different sections. 1. Evaluation and Management 2. Anesthesiology 3. Surgery 4. Radiology 5. Pathology and Laboratory 6. Medicine An example of Category I: 62270 Spinal puncture, lumbar, diagnostic
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Unformatted text preview: Category II codes are created for you when you have decided to change yourself into a healthier you. There is often no payment paid by insurance companies for Category II codes and so these are optional. These codes have four digits and the fifth place contains the alphabetic character F. Category II codes are not a substitution for Category I codes. An example of Category II: 2000F Physical Examination Category III codes are used for emerging procedures, technologies, and services. These codes are temporary. Category III codes are four digits with the fifth digit being the alphabetic character T. Codes are released twice yearly in January and July. 0012T Arthroscopy knee, surgical, implantation of osteochondral graft for treatment of articular surface defect, auto grafts....
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