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Appendix B BEH/225 Version 4 1 Associate Level Material Appendix B Research Methods Matrix A psychologist is planning to conduct a study that would examine pathological liars and the quality of their romantic relationships. You have been asked to provide the psychologist with a recommendation for which research method should be used to gather data on the pathological liars and their spouses . Using the table below list each research method and its advantages and disadvantages for use in this study. Research Method Advantages Disadvantages Longitudinal Research Longitudinal research would allow  psychologists to study over a  longer period of time the  pathological liars and their  spouses. Data could be gathered  at different stages, allowing  psychologists to track changes  over time. Longitudinal research would  end up most likely being very  expensive and taking up a lot of  time.  The group of pathological  liars and their spouses would  end up being too small to  assess the conclusions of a  larger group of pathological liars  and their spouses Case Study Using a case study there would be  an analysis involved of the 
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BEH 225 appendix B - Appendix B BEH/225 Version 4 1...

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