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Heredity and Hormone - Running head HEREDITY AND HORMONES 1...

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Running head: HEREDITY AND HORMONES 1 Heredity and Hormones Jennette Elmore BEH/225 February 23, 2012 Reva Shrivastava
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HEREDITY AND HORMONES 2 Heredity and Hormones A human’s behavior differs from person to person. Those predispositions to be more aggressive, to participate or engage in crimes, and at be of a higher intellect are all markers of human behavior. This behavior results from genes and hormones, biologically speaking. Gene’s progress and change due to environmental influences. Heredity can influence human behavior at one time but, that does not mean that it will always be that way years from now. Hormones are exclusive to nature. The absence or presence of hormones can vary but the role of hormones will remain the same. An example, insulin is a hormone and its job is to regulate glucose in the human body. Its role cannot be changed due to the environment (Smith, 2012). The environment does have an effect on the secretion and the amount of hormones the body can produce. The environment is everything external of the body and internal. If the body is exposed to situations that are not normal, fear is stimulated. When fear is stimulated the brain produces adrenaline which is a hormone. Adrenaline then in turn produces an increased amount of glucose in muscle tissues. This gets the body ready for flight. When the individual runs away they are driven by the hormone to run. Once the individual again feels comfortable the brain will
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