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BEh week 4 skinner - B F Skinner is most likely the most...

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B. F. Skinner is most likely the most renowned psychologist other than Sigmund Freud. He was a leading expert on human and animal behavior with reference to the subject’s physiological responses to external stimuli. Skinner as a behaviorist refused the idea that unobservable phenomenon that other psychology studies like psychoanalysis dealt with. His main focus was on response patterns to stimuli and rewards. This is when Skinner came up with the term operant conditioning to explain this experience. Operant conditioning is one of the most basic concepts in behavioral psychology. Skinner’s belief was that when an animal or human was functioning in their own environment, it comes across a reinforcing stimulus, which is a special type of stimulus or reinforcer. The reinforce increases the operant-the behavior occurring prior to the reinforcer. Operant conditioning suggests that a consequence follows behavior, and the nature of the resulting consequence alters the tendency of the organism to make a future repetition of the behavior.
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