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My personal opinion of whether a manager can motivate an employee is that it depends on the employer and employee relationship as well as the employer’s motives and tactic’s used to motivate the employee with. Another fact to consider is how the employee reacts to the employer and the employer’s motivation. If the employee is one that is trusting and respects the employer then they will be more open to the motivation. Or if the employee is disgruntled then anything the employer attempts to say or do the employee will be closed to it. The employee has to be open and willing to accept any kind of motivation before it will work. Intrinsic Motivation is internal desires to perform a particular task. Individuals will perform certain tasks and activities because it gives them pleasure, to learn a specific skill, or they believe it is the right thing to do. This type of motivation cannot be forced on the employee. This would have to come from within the employee’s own determination and their feelings. The
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