SCI 231 final - Running head: Personal Nutrition and...

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Running head: Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan 1 Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan Jennette Elmore SCI/241 02-12-2012 Derrick King
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Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan 2 Final Project: Personalized Diet and exercise are two topics of much discussion and concern for many including myself. The two act significantly in constructing the health and wellbeing of every individual. Having a good diet and a regular exercise program will assist me to attaining and maintaining a healthy body. However, up until this course about nutrition I have taken that for granted. I unfortunately do suffer from type 2 diabetes as well as sleep Apnea. Along with those conditions my triglycerides and cholesterol are very high. I am a long time sufferer of GERD and a hiatal hernia. These conditions require a special diet and daily exercise. They also require medications to help me to get them under control and to keep them in control. I have had a constant battle with my weight for as long as I can remember. Even as a small child I remember always dealing with overweight issues. After years of being overweight and putting on more weight each year. I [have found myself with several serious medical conditions brought on by those terrible eating habits. I am currently successfully losing weight the smart way. This course really opened my eyes up to help me make these lifestyle changes so that I can hopefully repair the damage that I have done to my body. An average breakfast for me now is oatmeal with Splenda and a fruit. Before this class however it would have been most likely something sweet or from fast food. I do not eat much for lunch maybe a few pieces of fruit and a yogurt. Dinner I am now eating a well-balanced meal and all before 6pm. With my breakfast I now take a multi- vitamin and have increased my water intake dramatically. I have cut out all soda’s and sugary drinks. Cutting out fried foods, fast food, chips, processed foods, sugary snacks has been the hardest change for me. Since the class began more than nine weeks ago, I am proud to say that I have 22 pounds. I feel better and I even get compliments on my appearance now. In time I am hoping I will have no need for medications and will control my medical problems by diet alone. I may be lucky enough to rid my body of the conditions. Exercising daily was something I had never done in my past. I soon realized diet alone was not going to change my body. I started out small with walking and over time built my stamina up so that I was walking four miles a day. I bought an elliptical machine for my home. I now use that machine 30 minutes in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I still try to walk
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SCI 231 final - Running head: Personal Nutrition and...

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