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Bio Notes Feb 2 - Bio Notes Feb 2 NO office hours on...

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Bio Notes Feb 2 NO office hours on February 8 Log on onto Elluminate Live via BB on Feb 7 from 6-7:15 to ask questions. Be early (up to 30 mins) as you have to download some session-specific software Review Microevolution --- Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium ---- agents of evolution Macroevolution ---- species concept ---- speciation History is fairly important- we generally need to know the names and the historical context around them. How the origin of the species book came about and how long it took. (to really know what it means and the number of offspring produced there) ---- Artificial Selection- Darwin saw that when human beings choose organisms with specific characteristics as breeding stock, humans are performing the role of the environment. Ex. Five vegetables derived from wild mustard -- One ancestor of canine that gave rise to all different types of dogs. (five species on the slides)- through natural selection. The Evidence for Evolution The fossil record presents a falsifiable claim. (not all specimen can be preserved, for example, the heart can’t be preserved as well as other organs.) Soft-bodied animals can’t be preserved as well either. Trilobites- three lobes existed from 500 mya to 245 my. When we look at the fossil record we do not see primates until a certain time period. Comparative Anatomy- These four extremities in the slides are not similar in morphological structure. They do not have the same function, but they have the same origin. We call this very important term HOMOLOGOUS STRUCTURES.
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Microevolution- Question in slides cover what microevolution is alla bout. --- INDIVIDUALS DO NOT EVOLVE. SPECIES DO NOT EVOLVE.
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Bio Notes Feb 2 - Bio Notes Feb 2 NO office hours on...

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