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Bio Notes Feb 14 - Bio Notes Feb 14 - Cladistics - History...

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Bio Notes Feb 14 -- Cladistics -- History of Life ---- ******Evolution chapters/lectures are fair game for exam 2…. Autopolyploidy- number of chromosomes can change due to meiosis and mitosis. Adaptive Radiation- Hawaiian Honeycreepers- Drepenidae Convergent Evolution - similar environmental pressures and natural selection, Marsupial mole compared to the placental mole and these convergences happen basically due to similar environmental pressure but do not denote any common ancestor. Homologous Structures- only modified due to different selection pressures Is Evolution gradual or punctuated? -- Darwin -- fossil record -- Gould and Eldredge- found in the fossil record found not all gradual changes. There were gaps in the record and called this punctuated equilibrium. Today, we know that there all graduation and punctuated events in the fossil record. We have now learned enough about the scientific process that there is no question that basic assumptions will be proved wrong. The categorization of Earth’s Living Things -- Taxonomic System- any organism in that group should have some common characteristics that we see in each factor of the group. -- classified into various groups based on their evolutionary relationships- It would not until 1758 until Carolus Linnaeus – came up with the binomial nomenclature - shows how unbiased scientists are. He was not interested in religion or morals in relation to science. ---- Nomenclature- 2 names for each species. Other categories that are used are the
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Bio Notes Feb 14 - Bio Notes Feb 14 - Cladistics - History...

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